Mass Effect 2 Teaser Trailer!


Mass Effect 2! A few days ago Bioware released the Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer! I must admit, its a bit disconcerting but it definitely has me intrigued. The game is due to come out Q1 of 2010, meaning sometime between January and March of 2010, one year from now! If you have yet to see the trailer, check it out below.

Frakkin’ amazing! I am huge fan of the first Mass Effect (defnitely one of the best WRPG’s in existance) and have been patiently waiting the release of any news of a sequel. In addition to the release of the teaser trailer, some executives over at EA and Bioware have made the announcement that Mass Effect 2 will definitely be released on both Xbox360 and the PC (great news, especially since I got rid of my 360)! Now, I know some of you (including myself) are probably asking, “Why not release the title on the PS3?” Well, unfortunately nothing has been officially announced from EA or Bioware, but it’s looking like Mass Effect 2 will NOT be hitting Sony’s console. There are a few reasons as to why, I recently learned of them:

Could the hero, Shepherd, really be dead?

Could the hero, Shepherd, really be dead?

Rumors are abuzz that Mass Effect 2’s story will be dependent partly on the player’s previous save file from the first Mass Effect.

  • Let’s think about this one. If ME2 is one year from release, when would Bioware and EA possibly release the first title for PS3? They’d be cutting it awfully close. And if they didnt release the first title, they’d be screwing over their entire PS3 user base by depriving us of the customizable story sequence from any previous save file.

Microsoft helped to develop the Mass Effect title, thus they have a large stake to the rights of the game and ultimately which console(s) the game would be released on.

  • I have yet to confirm this from any sort of official source, but thats what I’ve been hearing/reading. Apparently, Microsoft helped to write the story, in fact they helped to write the whole trilogy (that’s right, a trilogy!). On top of this, some of the technology behind the graphics engine used by Mass Effect, namely the cinematic “camera” technology used to help develop the game was a tech devised and developed by Microsoft. If this is true, then it makes sense why only the 360 and PC are seeing any Mass Effect love; but again I want to warn you that I have yet to confirm any of this.

That’s all the news for now. I’ll keep you guys updated as new information becomes available!


~ by Achaean on February 22, 2009.

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