Killzone 2 Preview and Demo Impressions


Well, I’ve downloaded the Killzone 2 demo off of the UK Playstation Network Store and I must admit that I was utterly blown away! The demo confirmed just about all of my expectations for what the game would look like and play like. Here’s a break down of what I experienced:

Check out these lighting effects!

Check out these lighting effects!

  • The visuals are unmatched by any current console FPS. The lighting effects are superb, the textures are down right dirty and gritty, everything a war game should have! The action from the first person perspective is fantastic. Water, dirt, and blood splash all over the screen to give you the feeling of being in the action. What really impressed me was the fact that the water and dirt NEVER splash on the same spot. I’ve played the demo probably around 12 times or so (I know, I couldnt help myself!) and the water and dirt that splash up from the opening’s crash landing is different every single time! The blur effects when moving and aiming are also done very nicely and greatly enhance the feeling of being right there in the middle of the action!
What a beautiful game!

What a beautiful game!

  • The gunplay is pretty sweet. The weapons don’t feel overbearing or bulky. The assault rifle you start off with packs and punch and you feel it! The great thing that I noticed almost immediately was the difference in the feel of the different weapons you come across in the demo. For example, the ISA assault rifle you start off with “feels” heavier and packs more of a punch, whearas the Helghan assault rifle feels light, quick and versatile but not nearly as effective as the ISA assault rifle.
  • The voice acting seemed to be done very well and was genuine (not cheesy).

Although the demo was short, it most certainly was entertaining! If you havent already downloaded it, you need to! If you’re wondering where to get the demo, right now there are two options available to you. The first is to have pre-ordered the game from Gamestop; doing so gets you a code to redeem on the US Playstation Network store that will enable you to download the demo. The second option (the better and easier in my opinion) is to create a UK Playstation Network ID and download the game from their store.

What can we expect from Killzone 2 that the demo doesnt show us?

Well, that certainly is the million dollar question, isnt it? Here’s a break down of what we know the game will have:

  • A continuation of the story that was first introduced in the original Killzone for the Playstation 2. Basically, the story is that the ISA forces have kicked out the Helghast invaders from their homeworld and are now bringing the fight to them. The game is said to start with the ISA invasion of the Helghast homeword of Helghan. The player will be playing as Sev, a soldier who is a member of an elite squad tasked with one mission: to kill the Helghan emperor, the crazy dude that started the whole war. All in all the single player campaign should boast about 8-10 hours of gameplay. Sounds pretty intense to me!
Awesome Mech action!

Awesome Mech action!

  • Vehicle play. From the various images and videos I’ve dug through, vehicles will definitely be in the single player campaign. Apparently, we’ll be able to control both an ISA tank and some sort of mech! Check out the picture to the left to get an idea of what it’ll look like!
  • Kick-ass multiplayer! There are quite a few details floating about on the web that cover what the multiplayer aspect will be like. Being the nice guy I am, I’ve compiled the list for you for quick and easy access. In a nutshell, Killzone 2’s multiplayer is class based. Meaning there are several classes to choose from (medic, scout, soldier, engineer, sabouteur). Now the really cool thing about this is the ability to mix the classes to create your very own hybrid class! Each class get special abilities (medic can heal and revive people, for example) and gets a few perks that are unique to each class in the game. In addition to this, as is standard in alot of FPS games these days, you’ll be able to level your character through combat (kills, winning matches, etc). The multiplayer modes are just as versatile as the class system. It can be set up to where multiplayer modes can change in the middle of the round (without having to start a new round) thus changing the flow and objectives of the match in a heartbeat! The modes should be pretty familiar to anyone who has any FPS experience. These modes include the oldy but goldy, deathmatch and capture the flag modes. Although the game lacks any type of co-op feature, I feel that the class system, multiplayer modes and 64 player maps more than make up for it!

Killzone 2 is being developed by Guerilla and published my Sony Entertainment and is due to hit shelves on Feb. 27, and I for one will be picking this up on release day! Check out my about page to grab my PSN ID and message me if youre interested in hitting up some multiplayer. In conclusion, if this post didnt hype you up enough, check out the trailer video below to really get pumped!


~ by Achaean on February 22, 2009.

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